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Debate-lecture with Niels Harrit

On October 19, 2011, we held a debate with retired chemistry professor Niels Harrit at the local cultural center, Prismen, Copenhagen, Denmark. The lecture was recorded by both our camera crew and Niels Harrit’s camera crew.

We would love to bring the lecture in its entirety because we believe that it formidably describes The Truth Movement’s relationship to… well, the truth. Unfortunately, Niels Harrit has forbidden us to show the parts of the lecture in which he participates. Due to Danish copyright laws and intellectual rights, he is, of course, perfectly entitled to do so, although it contradicts The Truth Movement’s mantra that “everything must be presented.”

As far as we are informed, Niels Harrit has not published his own recordings of the lecture, although we have given him full permission to present every part in which we participate.

Of course, we are entitled to bring the parts where we alone are involved.

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