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How much support does the Truth Movement have?

It is inherently difficult to establish precisly how much public support exists for the Truth Movement. Polls can give some indication of a mood in the population but the polls that are used by the Truth Movement (and usually paid by same) rarely says anything about any direct support for the demands of the Truth Movement. The real support must therefore be counted among the stated members of the different interest groups. Among these, there is a very limited support from the general public.

Architects and engineers – why?

A number of interest groups exist within the Truth Movement, groups that individually support the demand for an “independent investigation” but their efforts are constricted by the groups often being dissolved due to either inaction or internal conflicts1. One group has managed to establish itself as the leading in the movement, Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth (, whose main force (and only employee) is Richard Gage, an architect by education but today gets his daily bread by giving lectures and publishes books and other material related to the terror attack on September 11, 2001. The focus seems to be toward technical aspects where three buildings in particular, the World Trade Center 1, 2, and 7, are used as the main argument for having this investigation. The argument is supported via AE911TRUTH’s petition3. The signatories cover a wide range of expertise from building engineers to landscape architects.


In the U.S., the support is easy to overlook. This shows how many architects and engineers that exist in the U.S. (2012):  
Architects 105,3124
Engineers 1,600,0005

Total 1,705,312
  Looking at the support from the two professional groups within the Truth Movement, we find these figures:  
Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
U.S. 1,265
Others 405

Total 1,6703


Support for the Truth Movement in the U.S. among architects and engineers is 0,074% or 1 in 1,348.


In Denmark it is even worse:  
Denmark Norway Sweden
Architects 7,0006 3,4006 5,6006
Engineers 88,0007 68,8608 132,0009

Total 95,000 72,260 137,600
Total 304,860
  When looking at the support from the two professional groups, we find: – Scandinavian 911 Truth
Architects 1510
Engineers 311
Both 110, 11

Total 19


Support for the Truth Movement in Scandinavia among architects and engineers is 0,006% or 1 in 16,045.

Public support

There are no figures for how many members of the Truth Movement there are in the U.S.. In Scandinavia the picture is different:  
Denmark Norway Sweden
Inhabitants 5,529,88812 4,485,94513 9,415,29514

Total 19,431,128
  When we look at the support from the three Scandinavian countries, we find that: – Scandinavian 911 Truth

Members 60015


Public support for the Truth Movement in Scandinavia is 0,003% or 1 in 32,385. To put in perspective, the comedian Jacob Haugaard was elected for the Danish Parliament in 1994, with 23,253 votes16 out of 3,328,597 votes17, which is 0.70%, or 1 in 143 votes. If all members of were counted as Danes, Jacob Haugaard would still have 65 times the support that has in 2012.


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