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Impossible to identify the terrorists from DNA


“Where did they get the original dna of a bunch of middle-eastern Islamic madmen?”0


Radio host Charles Goyette, KFNX Radio, Arizona, stated:
“I want to know, even if we presume you’re correct that they recovered the dna of the 19 hijackers from the rubble, where did they get their original dna with which to match it? Where did they get the original dna of a bunch of middle-eastern Islamic madmen? Where did they get the dna? Had they submitted dna before they, uh…I mean, where the hell did they get it? You’re not even talking sensibly with me.”0
Allegedly, it should be implausible that any human tissue or bone material would survive the massive destruction. It would also be impossible to compare surviving DNA with DNA from the terrorists, since they had not given DNA samples to the authorities before the terror attack. Furthermore, the claim suggests that there weren’t any hijackers on board the four planes, which means that the planes must have been remotely controlled or that the planes must have been flown into their targets by the airline pilots.


There were found far more remains of passengers and terrorists on board the planes than the claim indicates. The procedure is quite simple: Relatives to the passengers and crew were asked to hand over DNA material from the victims, e.g. toothbrushes, combs, and clothes. This material was compared to the human remains. It is correct that the terrorists did not give their DNA to the authorities before the terror attack. However, the FBI was able to locate where they had been in the time leading up to the attack and could thus collect DNA evidence. The terrorists did not try to hide their DNA tracks, since they had no intention of surviving the attack1, 2. It would then be a simple task to compare the DNA found at the scene of the crime that did not match any of the passengers and crew members with the DNA found where the terrorists had been. Using the passenger manifests, the FBI could then identify the hijackers3.


The claim is not merely technically and factually false, it also means that the hijackers would still be alive. But if they were, it is quite implausible that they haven’t appeared, in some way, to expose the hoax and present the Americans, their mortal enemies, as crooks and liars. The claim also means that DNA from suspects, collated from places before the crimes were committed, cannot be considered evidence of the identity of the suspects. This means that DNA cannot be used at all in criminal investigations and legal procedures. Thus, all convictions that were even partly dependent of DNA must be deemed invalid. In Denmark, this means that murderers like Peter Lundin4, Marcel Lychau Hansen5, and Lars Lee Leif Anborg-Nielsen6 must be released from prison. Apart from legal use, DNA cannot be used, as science has otherwise concluded, for gene splicing or to establish the evolution of humans or other life forms7.


The claim is therefore:
  • False
  • Undocumented


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