Prelude 9/11 morning Flight 11 hijacked Flight 175 hijacked WTC 1 hit Flight 77 hijacked WTC 2 hit Flight 93 hijacked Pentagon hit WTC 2 collapses Flight 93 crashes WTC 1 collapses WTC 7 collapses Epilogue


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About the Truth Movement

World-wide movement that claims it was not al Qaeda who was behind the terror attacks on September 11th 2001, but instead a secret conspiracy. Members refer to themselves as “truthers”.

The movement has no centralized organization but is divided into a number of factions, where members sow doubt even about central events: E.g., some argue that planes hit WTC 1, WTC 2, and the Pentagon, while others point to missiles. Some argue that explosives and nanothermite, secretly developed in military laboratories, were used to destroy WTC 1, WTC 2, and WTC 7, while others point to death rays, fired from secret locations nearby.

The only thing members have in common, is the demand for a so-called “new, independent” investigation of the terror attacks on September 11 2001. It is unclear who must lead this investigation, or how broad a scope it must have.