Prelude 9/11 morning Flight 11 hijacked Flight 175 hijacked WTC 1 hit Flight 77 hijacked WTC 2 hit Flight 93 hijacked Pentagon hit WTC 2 collapses Flight 93 crashes WTC 1 collapses WTC 7 collapses Epilogue

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We are available for booking a lecture or a workshop here.

Fact sheets

You can download fact sheets, briefly explaining central subjects.



The editors behind, Claus Larsen and Steen Svanholm, are available for lectures, courses and workshops about conspiracies.

Lectures, courses and workshops can be fitted to suit your needs: Length, content, price. We will always find a way that satisfies all parties.


There will be time allotted for questions and debate in all lectures

September 11, 2001: A Day of Terror

Steen & Claus describe how the terror attack was planned and carried out by the terror organization al Qaeda, and what the catastrophe meant for the time following. Claus lived in New York City, and shares his personal experience. The lecture is well suited for history/social studies.

Conspiracy – theory and truth

In this lecture, Claus and Steen deals with the most common conspiracy theories about the terror attack on September 11th 2001. We also unveil why some people become conspiracy theorists, and how to handle it.

Conspiracy theories – what are they?

Steen and Claus tell about the most popular conspiracy theories and explain their popularity. We also unveil why some people become conspiracy theorists, and how to handle it.

Terror and Conspiracy Theories

In this lecture, Claus and Steen draw a line between conspiracy theories and terror: Why do these conspiracy theories emerge, who are behind them, are the theories valid in any way, and is there a causation between terrorism and the thinking behind conspiracy theories?
Download folder here (in Danish).


Handling Conspiracy Theoretics

In this course, Claus and Steen offer a practical guide for dealing with conspiracy theories.



For this workshop, Claus and Steen works together with you, to create a teaching track, for you and your students (15-years and up). The students will learn about issues like evaluation and verification of sources, the scientific method and critical thinking.

All lectures, courses and workshops are available in Danish and English.


“Steen Svanholm and Claus Larsen have really dug into the mysteries of conspiracy theories. They know what they are talking about, and they have a lot of experience in communicating their knowledge. Because of the striking correlation between conspiracy theory and religion, we had invited them to give a lecture for the Union of Religious History in the fall of 2017, and we were not disappointed. Steen and Claus gave an entertaining lecture, with a string of well prepared arguments, analytical models and points of view with regards to the subject, and we could all go home wiser, after a very cozy evening in Copenhagen.”
Board of Directors, Union of Religious History

“In their talk called “Conspiracy theories – What? Why? Whereto?” Claus Larsen and Steen Svanholm presents their unique research into conspiracy theories in general, and 9/11 in particular. Their knowledge in the area is second to none and the delivery is excellent. Highly recommended!”
Pontus Böckman, Vetenskab och Folkbildning/Swedish Skeptics Association

“Thank you for a great and instructive course, and thanks for the site with all the good articles.”
Dorte Thelander Motzfeldt, VUC Vestegnen

“Thanks for a great course today. It was enormously educational, and we are looking forward to using your material and good ideas.”
Anders Bentsen-Bøhm, VUC Vestegnen


  • Sønderborg Bibliotek
    21. November 2019
    Lecture, public
  • Horsens Gymnasium & HF
    7. October 2019
    Lecture, not public
  • DIS
    1. October 2019
    Guest lecture, not public
  • DIS
    12. April 2019
    Guest lecture, not public
  • DOF Yogaskolen i Nyborg
    8. February 2019
    Lecture, public
  • DIS
    14. November 2018
    Guest lecture, not public
  • DTU Technical University of Denmark
    6. November 2018
    Lecture, semi-public
    Participant rating: 9.5 (from 1-10)
  • CSICON 2018
    Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
    21. October 2018
    Presentation of ‘The Harrit Syndrome: A New Explanation of Why and How People Become Evangelical Conspiracy Theorists’, public
  • Vidar School
    15. September 2018
    Lecture, semi-public, w/ Thomas Nørgaard
  • Tre Falke Skolen
    11. September 2018
    Lecture, not public
  • Copenhagen Skeptics in the Pub
    14. May 2018
    Lecture, public
  • Hadsten Højskole
    4. May 2018
    Lecture, not public
  • Solvang Bibliotek
    25. April 2018
    Lecture, public
  • Religionshistorisk Forening
    2. November 2017
    Lecture, public
  • Vetenskab och Folkbildning
    Malmö, Sverige
    25. March 2017
    Lecture, not public
  • FOF Syd- og Vestsjælland
    15. December 2016
    Lecture, public
  • Round Table Denmark
    13. October 2016
    Lecture, not public
  • FOF Taastrup
    11. October 2016
    Lecture, public
  • FOF Syd- og Vestsjælland
    28. September 2016
    Lecture, public
  • Kerteminde Efterskole
    1. May 2016
    Lecture/workshop, not public
  • FOF Taastrup
    5. April 2016
    Lecture, public
  • Skanderborg-Odder CFU
    11. September 2015
    Lecture, not public
  • Roskilde Gymnasium
    9. April 2015
    Lecture, public
  • Nordfyns Folkehøjskole
    24. March 2015
    Lecture, public
  • St. Rørbæk Forsamlingshus
    St. Rørbæk
    11. September 2014
    Lecture, public
  • Vojens Gymnastik- og Idrætsefterskole
    19. September 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Halstedhus Efterskole
    11. September 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Konservativ Ungdom Aarhus
    10. September 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Skt. Knuds Skole
    10. September 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Himmelev Gymnasium
    23. April 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Allerød Gymnasium
    11. April 2013
    Lecture on conspiracy theories in general, not public
  • Herlev Skole
    9. April 2013
    Lecture, FOF, semi-public
  • CPH West
    5. April 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Viborg Idrætshøjskole
    19. March 2013
    Lecture, not public
  • Søgård Friskole
    22. January 2013
    Lecture, semi-public
  • Forlev Friskole
    17. December 2012
    Lecture, semi-public
  • Herstedvester Skole
    29. November 2012
    Workshop, not public
  • Debatforedrag med Jeppe Severin
    25. November 2012
    Lecture, public
  • Aarhus Katedralskole
    23. October 2012
    Lecture, semi-public
  • Glostrup Bibliotek
    13. September 2012
    Lecture, AOF, , public
  • Copenhagen Skeptics in the Pub
    12. September 2012
    Lecture, public
  • Vejle Idrætshøjskole
    11. September 2012
    Lecture, public
  • VUC Vestegnen
    9. May 2012
    Course, VUC teachers staff
  • SUNDskolen
    Nykøbing Falster
    18. April 2012
    Lecture, 7-10th level
  • VUC Varde
    22. March 2012
    Lecture, VUC and 8-10th level
  • Frederik Barfods Skole
    12. March 2012
    Lecture, 7-10th level
  • Debating lecture with Niels Harrit
    19. October 2011
    Lecture, public







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