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EPA (environment)

United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) secures the adherence to environmental standards and publishes reports on the environment, e.g. when catastrophes occur.

The EPA has collated their reports regarding the World Trade Center here.

Residential Dust Cleanup Program

In April 2002, the mayor of New York City asked the EPA to study the potential environmental consequences of the dust from Ground Zero spreading over downtown Manhattan, and to secure that the population was protected from possible health dangers. The initiated program meant that citizens living in the lower part of Manhattan could have
their homes cleaned and have the dust tested.

World Trade Center Residential Dust Cleanup Program,
Final Report
December 2005

Lower Manhattan Test and Clean Program

This voluntary program was offered the citizens and owners of property, if they feared potential contamination from the buildings impacted by the collapse of the Twin Towers.

Lower Manhattan Test And Clean Program,
Final Report
November 2008

World Trade Center Indoor Environment Assessment

Additionally, studies were done of the impact on the indoor environment.

World Trade Center Indoor Environment Assessment: Selecting Contaminants of Potential Concern and Setting Health-Based Benchmarks,
The Contaminants of Potential Concern (COPC) Committee of the World Trade Center Indoor Air Task Force Working Group
May 2003

130 Liberty Street

Also known as the Deutsche Bank Building. This building was severely damaged when the World Trade Center 2 collapsed. The decision to demolish the building resulted in a number of reports.

Deconstruction Plan for 130 Liberty Street

Other reports