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NYT (witnesses)

The New York Times collated more than 12,000 pages of testimonials from almost 500 fire fighters and rescue personnel who were present at, or in the vicinity of, Ground Zero on September 11 2001.

All files can be downloaded as PDF.

Name   Function   Date   Notes

Abed, Faisel   EMT (EMS)   10/12/01    

Abril, Roberto   EMT (EMS)   1/17/02    

Adams, Paul   EMT (EMS)   11/1/01    

Albuerme, Eloy   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/23/01    

Altini, Steven   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Amato, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/2/02    

Asaeda, Glen   Civilian (EMS)   10/11/01    

Ashby, Phillip   Paramedic (EMS)   1/22/02    

Attanasio, Christopher   EMT (EMS)   11/9/01    

Badillo, Benjamin   EMT (EMS)   1/24/02    

Bailey, Stuart   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Banaciski, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Barrett, Kevin   EMT (EMS)   1/17/02    

Barry, Albert   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Bartolomey, Anthony   EMT (EMS)   10/9/01    

Basile, James   Division Commander (EMS)   10/17/01    

Battista, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Beck, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Becker, Brian   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Beehler, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Bell, Jody   EMT (EMS)   12/15/01    

Beltrami, Dean   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Bendick, Thomas   EMT (EMS)   10/15/01    

Berntsen, Eric   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Bessler, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/21/02    

Billy, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/10/01    

Blacksberg, David   EMT (EMS)   10/23/01    

Blaich, Charles   Deputy Chief (FDNY)   10/23/01   Was home on medical leave on 9/11

Boeri, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Bohack, Robert   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Borrillo, Nicholas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Brady, Greg   EMT (EMS)   11/1/01    

Breen, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Brodbeck, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Broderick, Richard   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Brogan, Derek   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Brosnan, Neil   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Brown, Peter   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Brown, Sean   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/14/01    

Brown, Timothy   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/15/02    

Browne, Robert   Deputy Chief (EMS)   10/24/01    

Brynes, Adam   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/16/01    

Buonocore, Vincent   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Burbano, George   Paramedic (EMS)   10/11/01    

Burgos, Freddy   EMT (EMS)   10/31/01    

Burke, Timothy   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/22/02    

Butler, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Butler, Michael   Assistant Chief (FDNY)   12/21/01    

Byrne, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/21/02    

Byrne, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Byrnes, Robert   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   11/14/01    

Cacciola, Grace   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/24/01    

Cachia, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Cachia, Peter   EMT (EMS)   10/15/01    

Cahill, Joseph   Paramedic (EMS)   10/15/01    

Cahill, Michael   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/17/01    

Cain, Michael   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Callan, Joseph   Citywide Tour Commander (FDNY)   11/2/01   Relieved Chief Donald Burns as the Citywide Tour Commander

Camacho, Fernando   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Campagna, Frank   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Canham, James   Sergeant (FDNY)   12/18/01    

Carletti, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/2/02    

Carlock, Owen   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01   Detailed on the day of the incident to Engine 220

Carlsen, Craig   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/25/02    

Carrasquillo, Pedro   EMS command (EMS)   10/16/01    

Casaliggi, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Casey, Gerard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Casey, James   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Casey, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Cassano, Salvatore   Chief (FDNY)   10/4/01   Was citywide tour commander on 9/11

Cassidy, Tiernach   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/30/01    

Castellano, Pete   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Ceriello, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Charles, Jason   EMT (EMS)   1/23/02    

Chelsen, Roy   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/18/02    

Cherrington, Andre   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Chesney, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Chiafari, Joseph   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/3/01    

Chillemi, Salvatore   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Chyriwski, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/14/01   Responded with Engine 3 and the high-rise unit

Cifu, Ronald   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Cimillo, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/24/02    

Cira, David   EMT (EMS)   12/13/01    

Cirillo, Brian   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Citarella, John   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Claes, Marcel   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/9/01   Was on the stairs in the north tower

Clarke, Charles   Captain (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Cohen, Marc   Paramedic (EMS)   10/11/01    

Colon, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Congiusta, Frank   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   1/8/02    

Conlon, Paul   Captain (FDNY)   1/23/02    

Connolly, Patrick   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Constantine, Peter   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Conzo, Joseph   EMT (EMS)   1/16/02    

Cook, Louis   Paramedic (EMS)   10/17/01    

Cook, Robert   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Cooke, Alan   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Coutsouros, Dean   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/11/01    

Coyle, John   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Coyne, Ronald   EMT (EMS)   12/28/01    

Cronick, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/18/02    

Cruthers, Frank   Chief (FDNY)   10/31/01    

Cruz, Allan   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Culley, John Kevin   Captain (FDNY)   10/17/01   Was going to work area on 23rd floor at 7 World Trade Center on 9/11

Cunniffe, Sean   EMT (EMS)   10/26/01    

Curran, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/30/01    

Curran, Paul   Fire Patrolman (FDNY)   12/18/01    

D’amato, Frank   Captain (EMS)   10/11/01    

D’angelo, Michael   EMT (EMS)   10/24/01    

Darnowski, Kevin   Paramedic (EMS)   11/9/01    

David, Roy   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/12/01    

Davila, Rene   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/12/01    

Davis, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Davis, Kenneth   Paramedic (EMS)   1/15/02    

Delendick, Father John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Delgado, Manuel   Paramedic (EMS)   10/2/01    

DeMaio, Anthony   Civilian (EMS)   1/28/02    

Demarco, Diane   EMT (EMS)   12/14/01    

Derubbio, Dominick   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Desena, Lisa   Paramedic (EMS)   10/16/01    

Deshore, Karin   Captain (EMS)   11/7/01    

Desimone, George   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/22/01    

Diaz, Moussa   EMT (EMS)   1/17/02    

Diaz, Jr., Roland   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Dinh, Trinh   EMT (EMS)   10/31/01    

Dipaolo, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Dixon, Brian   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   10/25/01    

Donato, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Donovan, Michael   Captain (FDNY)   11/9/01    

Dorritie, Robert   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Drumm, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/10/02    

Drury, James   Assistant Commissioner (FDNY)   10/16/01    

Duffy, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/14/02    

Duggan, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/14/01    

Dunne, Craig   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/22/02    

Ellis, Stephen   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Erdy, Richard   EMT-D. (EMS)   10/10/01    

Escoffery, Kenneth   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/16/02    

Faccilonga, Keith   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Fallucca, Peter   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Farrington, Francis   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Felice, Michael   Civilian (EMS)   1/28/02    

Felidi, John   EMT (EMS)   11/9/01    

Felitti, Pasquale   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Fellini, Frank   Chief (FDNY)   12/3/01    

Felton, Jarjean   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Fenton, David   Captain (EMS)   12/18/01    

Fenyo, Christopher   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Ferrell, Nicole   EMT (EMS)   12/13/01    

Ferretti, Douglas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/24/02    

Ferriolo, Steve   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Fiorentino, Vincent   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Fischer, Dennis   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Fitzpatrick, Brian   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Fitzpatrick, Thomas   Deputy Commissioner for Administration (FDNY)   10/1/01    

Fody, James   Captain (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Fortis, Joseph   EMT (EMS)   11/9/01    

Fraser, Charles   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/16/01    

Fredrickson, Todd   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Gaby, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/23/01    

Gaffney, Charles   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Galasso, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Galvin, Thomas   Deputy Chief (FDNY)   11/7/01    

Ganassa, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Garcia, Marshal Louis   Chief Fire Marshall (FDNY)   10/2/01    

Gates, Gary   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Gattas, Immaculada   EMT (EMS)   10/17/01    

Giaconelli, Louis   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Giammarino, Peter   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Goldbach, Ray   Captain (FDNY)   10/24/01    

Goldfarb, Zachary   Division Chief (EMS)   10/23/01    

Gombo, Jerry   Assistant Chief (EMS)   10/17/01    

Gonzalez, Arturo   Paramedic (EMS)   10/23/01    

Gordon, Brian   EMT (EMS)   10/30/01    

Gorman, Gerard   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/2/02    

Gorman, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Grabher, Steve   Chief (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Grant, Ulysses   Division Commander (EMS)   10/12/01    

Greene, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Gregory, Stephen   Assistant Commissioner (FDNY)   10/3/01    

Gribbon, Frank   Deputy Fire Commissioner (FDNY)   10/25/01    

Grogan, Brian   Supervisor Fire Marshall (FDNY)   10/31/01    

Gschlecht, Charles   EMT (EMS)   12/12/01    

Guidetti, Peter   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Guttenberg, Michael   Doctor (Office of Medical Affairs)   10/2/01    

Guttman, Charles   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Hadala, Gregg   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/19/01    

Hadden, Michael   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Hahn, Howard   Lieutenant (EMS)   2/1/02    

Haines, Fitzroy   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/25/02    

Hansard, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/18/01    

Hansen, Eric   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Hansson, Gregg   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Harrilal, Mala   EMT (EMS)   11/2/01    

Harris, Mark   Paramedic (EMS)   10/11/01    

Harris, Russel   EMT (EMS)   10/9/01    

Harris, Sam   EMT (EMS)   10/17/01    

Hayden, Peter   Chief (FDNY)   10/23/01    

Hayden, Peter   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Hazel, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Heaney, Todd   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Heavey, Stephen   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Heer, John   EMT (EMS)   1/18/02    

Henderson, Joseph   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Henricksen, John   Captain (FDNY)   10/11/01    

Henry, Edward   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   12/19/01    

Hess, Stephen   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Hill, Howard   Deputy Chief (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Hirsch, Barrett   Paramedic (EMS)   12/17/01    

Hirth, Randall   Division Chief (EMS)   10/24/01    

Holowach, Scott   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/18/01    

Holzman, George   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Hoppey, Timothy   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Horel, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Howe, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Humphrey, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Hyland, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Ingram, Robert   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Ippolito, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Jackson, Curtis   EMT (EMS)   10/30/01    

Jacobs, Veronica   EMT (EMS)   10/30/01    

Jagoda, John   EMT (EMS)   10/12/01    

Jaronczyk, Christopher   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Jefferson, Joseph   Paramedic (EMS)   1/16/02    

Jezycki, Stephen   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/11/01    

Johnson, Tyrone   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/11/02    

Johnson, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Julian, Timothy   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Kagenaar, Chris   EMT-D. (EMS)   10/9/01    

Katz, Jason   EMT (EMS)   12/20/01    

Kelleher, Kevin   Paramedic (EMS)   10/10/01    

Kelly, Kerry   Chief Medical Officer (FDNY)   11/15/01    

Kelnhofer, David   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Kelty Jr., Eugene   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Kennedy, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Kimball, Robert   EMT (EMS)   12/20/01    

King, Stephen   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   11/21/01    

Klee, Steven   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Kowalczyk, Walter   Chief (EMS)   10/16/01   Ranking EMS officer responsible for EMS activities on 9/11

Kozlowski, George   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Lakiotes, Art   Chief (FDNY)   12/3/01    

Lamanna, Karen   Paramedic (EMS)   1/23/02    

Larocco, Robert   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Lim, Justin   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Lizzul, Lance   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Long, Kirk   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/28/02    

Long, Matthew   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Longo, Valerie   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Loper, David   Captain (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Loutsky, Alexander   EMT (EMS)   10/24/01    

Lowney, Joseph   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Lowrey, Brendan   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Luongo, John   Captain (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Lynch, Daniel   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/31/01    

Lynn, John D.   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Lynn, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Macchia, Frank   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Macko, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/20/05    

Maggiore, Dominick   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/19/01    

Mallery, Paul   Captain (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Malley, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Mancuso, Anthony   Firefighter Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Mann, Bradley   Lieutenant (EMS)   11/7/01    

Marmion, Timothy   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Marquez, Feliz   Paramedic (EMS)   10/10/01    

Marquez, Vincent   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Merrero, Fermin   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Marrero, Julio   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Marroncelli, Camille   Paramedic (EMS)   1/24/02    

Marsilla, Fred   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Martin, James   Division Chief (EMS)   10/22/01    

Martin, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Martin, Patrick   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/28/02    

Martinez, Edward   EMT (EMS)   1/24/02    

Martinez, Orlando   EMT (EMS)   11/1/01    

Massa, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Massa, Vincent   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Mazur, Mark   EMT (EMS)   10/19/01    

McArdle-Schulman, Maureen   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/17/01    

McCabe, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

McCahey, Rich   Assistant Chief Fire Marshal (FDNY)   11/2/01    

McCarthy, Thomas   Chief (FDNY)   10/11/01    

McCorvey, Dulce   EMT (EMS)   10/3/01    

McCurry, Richard   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/18/01    

McDonald, Thomas   Assistant Commissioner (FDNY)   10/24/01    

McGimpsey, Jason   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/18/02    

McGlynn, James   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/2/02    

McGovern, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

McKinley, James   EMT (EMS)   10/12/01    

McLaughlin, William   Captain (FDNY)   12/17/01    

McLeon, Kevin   EMT (EMS)   12/15/01    

McMillan, Mary   EMT (EMS)   10/12/01    

McNally, Patrick   Deputy Chief (FDNY)   11/8/01    

McNeur-Mccarthy, Linda   EMT (EMS)   11/28/01    

Mecner, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Medjuck, Bruce   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/15/01    

Mejias, Michael   EMT (EMS)   10/24/01    

Melarango, William   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/11/01    

Mendez, John   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/31/01    

Meola, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Mera, Wayne   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Merced, Mery   EMT (EMS)   10/23/01    

Mettham, Hugh   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/10/02    

Metzger, Peter   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/8/02    

Meyers, Arthur   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/11/01    

Meyers, Harold   Deputy Chief (FDNY)   12/21/01    

Monachelli, Lawrence   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Monahan, Craig   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Monchery, Alwish   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Monroe, Amy   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/17/01    

Moore, Roger   Lieutenant (EMS)   11/29/01    

Morabito, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/15/02    

Moriarty, Edward   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   12/19/01    

Moriarty , David   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Moribito, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Moritz, John   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Mosiello, Steven   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   10/23/01    

Muhammad, Farooq   EMT (EMS)   11/1/01    

Mulqueen, Tracey   Paramedic (EMS)   10/4/01    

Murad, Murray   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/4/01    

Murphy, James   Paramedic (EMS)   10/3/01    

Murphy, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Murphy, Keith   (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Murray, Christopher Patrick   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Murray, John   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Murray, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Muschello, Dominick   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Nacional, Naomi   EMT (EMS)   1/23/02    

Nahmod, Abdo   Captain (EMS)   10/11/01    

Nash, Francis   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Neligan, Dean   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Nevins, John   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/17/01    

Nigro, Daniel   Chief of Department (FDNY)   10/24/01   Was chief of operations on 9/11

Nolan, Frank   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/23/02    

Norris, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Ober, Michael   EMT (EMS)   10/16/01    

O’Carroll, Renae   EMT (EMS)   10/18/01    

O’Donnel, Soraya   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

O’Flaherty, Brian   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Olszewski, Janice   Captain (EMS)   11/7/01    

O’Malley, Sean   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Ondrovic, Patricia   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Orlando, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/18/02    

Ottrando, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/14/01    

Owens, Troy   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Palmieri, Vincent   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Palone, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Parris, Sidney   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/14/01    

Pascale, Fran   Division Commander (EMS)   10/17/01    

Pastor, Frank   EMT-D. (EMS)   10/23/01    

Patriciello, Joseph   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Penn, Lonnie   EMT (EMS)   11/9/01    

Perez, Emilio   EMT (EMS)   10/31/01    

Perez, Jose   EMT (EMS)   10/23/01    

Perrugia, John   Chief (EMS)   10/25/01    

Petrassi, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Pfeifer, Joseph   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   10/23/01   Saw first plane hit WTC

Piambino, Thomas   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/24/02    

Picarello, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Piccerill, Steve   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Picciotto, Richard   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   11/27/01    

Pierce, Joel   Paramedic (EMS)   1/23/02    

Pilla, Steven   Paramedic (EMS)   10/17/01    

Pinkus, Jace   Captain (EMS)   10/11/01    

Pisano, Gerard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Plover, Vincent   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/26/01    

Powers, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Prezant, Dr. David   Deputy Chief Medical officer (FDNY)   11/27/01    

Puma, Frank   EMT (EMS)   12/12/01    

Quick, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   11/1/01    

Quinn, Kevin   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Quinn, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/8/02    

Rae, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Ramos, Ralph   EMT-D. (EMS)   12/12/01    

Rattazzi, Rich   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Raynis, Stephen   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   12/21/01    

Regan, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Reilly, Gerard   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Reno, Armondo   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Reynolds, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Riccio, Arthur   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Richiusa, Patrick   EMT (EMS)   12/13/01    

Rignola, Salvatore   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   11/7/01    

Rios, Juan   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Ritorto, Chad   EMT (EMS)   10/16/01    

Rivera, Angel   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/22/02    

Rivera, Daniel   Paramedic (EMS)   10/10/01    

Rivera, Joseph   Captain (EMS)   1/14/02    

Rivera, Terence   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Rodriguez, Eric   Paramedic (EMS)   10/16/01    

Rodriguez, George   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Rodriguez, Melvin   EMT (EMS)   1/22/02    

Rodriguez, Ricardo   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/29/01    

Rogers, Kenneth   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Rogers, Steven   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/9/02    

Rohan, Glenn   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/28/01    

Rosie, Peter   EMT (EMS)   1/22/02    

Rothmund, John   EMT (EMS)   10/18/01    

Ruiz, Robert   Paramedic (EMS)   12/14/01    

Ruppert, Mark   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Russo, Brian   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Ryan, William   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/18/01    

Rybak, Stanley   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Salerno, Anthony   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Salvador, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/18/02    

Sanchez, Luis   EMT (EMS)   10/22/01    

Sandvik, David   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Sangeniti, Salvador   EMT (EMS)   10/16/01    

Saracelli, Richard   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/10/01    

Saulle, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Scaringello, Patrick   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/10/01    

Schroeck, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/11/01   In house watch and saw the first plane hit on 9/11

Scott, Dwight   EMT (EMS)   12/14/01    

Scott, Howie   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Sheehey, Edward   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Short, Robert   EMT (EMS)   10/16/01    

Sickles, Howard   Captain (EMS)   11/2/01    

Siebuhr, Laura   EMT (EMS)   11/2/01    

Simon, William   Paramedic (EMS)   10/18/01    

Singer, Albert   Paramedic (EMS)   12/12/01    

Siragusa, Robert   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/8/02    

Skellington, Richard   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Smiley, Gary   Paramedic (EMS)   10/10/01    

Smiouskas, Richard   Lieutenant (FDNY)   11/27/01    

Smith, Adolph   EMT (EMS)   10/12/01    

Smith, Briam   EMT (EMS)   10/23/01    

Smith, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Smith, Warren   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/04/01    

Snow, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/13/02    

Sohmer, Robert   Captain (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Spinard, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/11/02    

Springstead, Bertram   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Steffens, Mark   Division Chief (EMS)   10/3/01    

Stein, Michael   Captain (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Sterling, Daniel   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/6/01    

Stone, Mark   Captain (EMS)   10/12/01    

Stroebel, Russ   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/25/02    

Suarez, Edgard   EMT (EMS)   11/2/01    

Suden, Gerald   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/9/01    

Sudnik, John   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   11/7/01    

Sullivan, Joseph   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Sullivan, Patrick   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Sweeney, Frank   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/18/01    

Sweeting, Neil   Paramedic (EMS)   10/17/01    

Swithers, Jay   Captain (EMS)   10/30/01    

Terranova, Rosario   Lieutenant (EMS)   10/26/01    

Tierney, Lynn   Deputy Commissioner (FDNY)   10/29/01    

Timothy, David   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Torre, Felipe   EMT (EMS)   10/9/01    

Torres, Norberto   EMT (EMS)   10/23/01    

Traverso, John   Field Commander (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Trojanowski, Stanley   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Truoccolo, William   EMT (EMS)   1/16/02    

Turi, Albert   Deputy Assistant Chief (FDNY)   10/23/01    

Turilli, Thomas   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/17/02    

Vallebuona, Tom   Battalion Chief (FDNY)   1/1/02    

Van Name, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Varriale, Anthony   Captain (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Vaskis, Frank   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Vasquez, Paul   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/27/01    

Vega, Evelyn   EMT (EMS)   12/18/01    

Velazquez, Nelson   Lieutenant (EMS)   1/23/02    

Vetland, Richard   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Viola, Stephen   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/10/02    

Vitiello, David   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/13/01    

Walker, Dan   Firefighter First Grade (FDNY)   12/12/01    

Wall, William   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Wallace, James   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/29/01    

Walsh, Adrienne   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Walsh, James   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/16/02    

Walsh, William   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/11/02    

Wansley, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/29/01    

Warner, Jeffery   EMT (EMS)   11/2/01    

Weber, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Weindler, Rudy   Lieutenant (FDNY)   1/15/02    

Weldon, Richard   Captain (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Wells, Charles   Division Chief (EMS)   10/25/01    

Wernick, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   10/12/01    

Wesseldine, Mark   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/29/01    

Wheeler, William   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/7/01    

Whelan, Brendan   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/17/01    

Whitman, Daniel   EMT (EMS)   10/10/01    

Williams, Daniel   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Williams, Vandon   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/11/01    

Wilson, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Wilson, Randall   Fire Marshall (FDNY)   12/20/01    

Wilson-Debriano, Chevalo   Paramedic (EMS)   1/11/02    

Winkler, John   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01    

Wood, Gary   Lieutenant (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Wright, Decosta   EMT (EMS)   10/11/01    

Wright, Steven   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/10/01    

Yakimovich, James   Captain (FDNY)   12/4/01    

Yarembinsky, Michael   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/14/02    

Yioras, Spiro   Lieutenant (EMS)   12/28/01    

Zanat, John   Lieutenant (FDNY)   10/10/01    

Zarillo, Richard   EMT (EMS)   10/25/01    

Zarr, Kathy   Paramedic (EMS)   11/27/01    

Zasa, Stephen   Firefighter (FDNY)   1/1/02    

Zechewytz, Mike   Firefighter (FDNY)   12/5/01