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2 WTC hit

On September 11, 2001, United Airlines Flight 175 was hijacked by al-Qaeda terrorists and at 9.03 AM flown into the South Tower of the World Trade Center, also known as 2 WTC. The plane hit between 77th and 85th floor of the 110-story high tower. All 60 passengers and crew members as well as the 5 terrorists, who were on board the plane, died immediately. The clash was so violent that all escape routes except a single elevator shaft were destroyed, but only a few managed to escape that way. In all, it is estimated that 618 people did not make it down, which is considerably less than in the first tower, because 2 WTC was evacuated when it was heard that 1 WTC had been hit.

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Flight 175 approaches 2 WTC

Flight 175 hits 2 WTC

Flight 175, debris

Flight 175, flight engine
Flight 175, debris
Flight 175, debris
Flight 175, debris
Flight 175, debris

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Flight 175 hitting the World Trade Center 2.

2 WTC Hit, seen from North

2 WTC Hit ABC News GMA Clip 17

2 WTC Hit CBS Vince DeMentri Clip 8
2 WTC Hit CNN Dub5 06
2 WTC Hit FOX5
2 WTC Hit WCBS Dub3 11
2 WTC Hit WNBC Dub1 1
2 WTC Hit WNBC Dub10 02
2 WTC Hit WNBC Dub10 56
2 WTC Hit WPIX Dub5 11
2 WTC Hit News Helicopter

2 WTC Hit, seen from East

2 WTC Hit ABC Dub5 20

2 WTC Hit CBS-Net Dub4 37
2 WTC Hit FOX5 01
2 WTC Hit FOX5 02 Closeup
2 WTC Hit NBC Atlanta4 28
2 WTC Hit Sekani 6
2 WTC Hit WCBS Dub2 29
2 WTC Hit WPIX Dub3 03

2 WTC Hit, seen from South

2 WTC Hit CNN Dub4 41

2 WTC Hit 2 WTCnd attack Michael Hezarkhani Raw
2 WTC Hit Plane Entry of World Trade Center SLOW MOTION
2 WTC Hit Pavel Hlavel 03
2 WTC Hit Close
9-11 Kevin’s Video with raw audio (includes swearing)

2 WTC Hit, seen from West

2 WTC Hit WCBS Dub4 03

2 WTC Hit Chopper5Hit

2 WTC Hit, seen from street

2 WTC Hit CNN Dub5 07

2 WTC Hit Myers clip 6
2 WTC Hit WNBC Dub10 38

Reconstruction of Flight 175’s route

This is a reconstruction of Flight 11’s route, based on data from the Flight Data Recorder. The reconstruction is synchronized with audio from the Air Traffic Controller and NORAD from ca. 12:14-13:04.