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2 WTC collapses

On September 11, 2001 at 9.59 AM, 2 World Trade Center, South Tower, collapsed after burning for about 56 minutes because the tower’s steel columns that were damaged by the plane crashing into the tower gave in to the heat from the fire.

It is estimated that 618 people, who were over or at the place of impact or otherwise did not make it down, died as a result of the collapse, which is considerably less than in the other tower, because the authorities had started evacuating 2 WTC as they heard that 1 WTC had been hit. In addition, hundreds of rescuers died in and around the building.

The collapse of the tower also caused severe damage to the surrounding buildings, including 3 and 4 World Trade Center, as well as infrastructure such as water supply and metro stations.

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The collapse of 2 World Trade Center.

2 WTC Collapse 01 WabcDub187

2 WTC Collapse 02 Cindy Weil 16
2 WTC Collapse 03 WNYW Dub1 53 pyro Segment 1
2 WTC Collapse 04 WCBS Dub1 25
2 WTC Collapse 05 WPIX Dub5 22
2 WTC Collapse 06 Debris WPIX Dub5 21
2 WTC Collapse 07 ABC Dub1 26 Segment 1
2 WTC Collapse 08 Main Ballou 10 Segment 1
2 WTC Collapse 09 NBC Short clip1
2 WTC Collapse 10 World Trade Centre collapse very close to towers