Prelude 9/11 morning Flight 11 hijacked Flight 175 hijacked WTC 1 hit Flight 77 hijacked WTC 2 hit Flight 93 hijacked Pentagon hit WTC 2 collapses Flight 93 crashes WTC 1 collapses WTC 7 collapses Epilogue


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7 WTC is damaged

When 1 WTC collapsed 10:28am, debris from the building caused serious damage on the nearby 7 WTC.

At 5.20 PM, 7 World Trade Center collapsed as a result of many hours of uncontrolled fire, which made the building”s steel structure succumb.

No one died because evacuation of the building had already commenced when 1 World Trade Center was hit by a plane.

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Fires, seen at a distance

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The damage on 7 WTC, the fires that got started due to the damage, and the subsequent smoke.

7 WTC, Vince DeMentri

Vince DeMentri was a reporter at WCBS-TV in New York, where he on the day of the attack reported from Ground Zero. He later won the National Edward R. Murrow award for his reporting.1

7 WTC Damages 01 WCBS Dub2 27a

7 WTC Damages 02 CBS Net Dub7 08
7 WTC Damages 03 CBS Net Dub7 17
7 WTC Damages 04 Vince Dementri Clip 7
7 WTC Damages 05 NIST FOIA 7 WTC on Fire Version #1 Vince DeMentri, WCBS TV 720p Segment 1


7 WTC Damages 01 FDNY Tape1 34

7 WTC Damages 02 fire NBC2 Restricted tape clip 15
7 WTC Damages 03 fire NBC2 Restricted tape clip 16
7 WTC Damages 04 fire NBC2 Restricted tape clip 37
7 WTC Damages 05 fire NBC2 Restricted tape clip 38
7 WTC Damages 06 fire NBC2 Restricted tape clip 39


7 WTC Damages 01 Networks clips 16

7 WTC Damages 02 WNBC Dub3 89
7 WTC Damages 03 WNBC Dub10 91
7 WTC Damages 04 NBC2 Restricted tape clip 8
7 WTC Damages 05 NBC2 Restricted tape clip 18


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