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Prelude 9/11 morning Flight 11 hijacked Flight 175 hijacked WTC 1 hit Flight 77 hijacked WTC 2 hit Flight 93 hijacked Pentagon hit WTC 2 collapses Flight 93 crashes WTC 1 collapses WTC 7 collapses Epilogue

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HVORFOR bliver folk konspirationsteoretikere?
HVORFOR er konspirations-
teoretikere så frustrerende at tale med?
HVORFOR er konspirations-
teoretikeres adfærd så ekstrem?

Disse spørgsmål bliver besvaret i denne bog, der samtidig klarlægger, hvorfor de gængse tiltag overfor konspirations-
teoretikere ikke virker.
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Truth Movement



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Conspiracy theory movements and individuals employ a wide range of methods, in order to communicate their theories. The strategies range from street work, to handing out flyers and arranging demonstrations, holding public or private meetings, spreading propaganda via the Internet, detailed linguistic manipulations, quote mining and quote fabrication, and even outright fraud and other illegalites.

Below, we investigate some of the methods in use.

Analysis of a petition:

This article takes a closer look at one of the numerous petitions started by the Truth Movement following the terror attack on September 11, 2001. The object is to ensure what the movement calls an “independent investigation” of the events on that day.

Analysis: "The Official Video: ReThink911 September 2013"

In July 2013 the umbrella organization ReThink911.org0 which comprises a number of groups within the Truth Movement a video asking for financial support for an information campaign. The goal is to get the public to realize that the official explanation of the terror...

How much support does the Truth Movement have?

It is inherently difficult to establish precisly how much public support exists for the Truth Movement. Polls can give some indication of a mood in the population but the polls that are used by the Truth Movement (and usually paid by same) rarely says anything about...

How to “expose a cover-up”

Despite innumerable claims of solid evidence of the existence of the New World Order, it always turns out that the evidence is of more or less doubtful nature. One such example is this “exposure” from June 13, 2011, published on the blog 0: The main...

The official account is self-contradicting

Claim Proponents of the official account claim on one hand that it required a lot of explosives to get the World Trade Center 1 and 2 to collapse and on the other that the collapse could only happen due to the plane impacts.0 Background The claim was made by Brian...

We are just asking questions

Those who believe that the terror attack on September 11, 2001, in reality was planned by a conspiracy within the American government often defend themselves with the phrase “we are only asking questions”, thus indicating innocence, healthy skepticism and an excuse from coming up with plausible counter-explanations. However, asking a question without explaining yourself is often in itself an indirect claim, since a question can be subjectively related to the topic and the context in which the question is asked. This is precisely the technique that the conspiracy theorists use.