Prelude 9/11 morning Flight 11 hijacked Flight 175 hijacked WTC 1 hit Flight 77 hijacked WTC 2 hit Flight 93 hijacked Pentagon hit WTC 2 collapses Flight 93 crashes WTC 1 collapses WTC 7 collapses Epilogue


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Using is the only Danish site critical of the many conspiracy theories concerning the terror attack on September 11th 2001.

The editors are thus not conspiracy theorists and do not believe any of the theories.

There are two main areas:

1. Critical examination of specific conspiracy theories and claims

Who has promoted which conspiracy theories? Is there “something to it”, or is it too far-fetched?

The editors have chosen to sort the many conspiracy theories chronologically, according to the single event(s) the theories belong to:




The specific conspiracy theory will be examined based on the following model:


  • Claim
    What is the claim? Who claims it?


  • Background
    The claim is explained further. What is the meaning of the claim?


  • Facts
    The claim is held up against the available and relevant evidence and facts.


  • Logic
    To be true, conspiracy theories must not merely be supported by the facts and evidence. They must also be logically consistent. E.g., you cannot state that two claims are true, if they contradict each other. Likewise, a claim that contradicts itself cannot be true.


  • Conclusion
    The examined evidence is evaluated, to see if it is true or not.


  • Sources
    The editors aim to document as much as possible, and use primary sources, to secure a very high quality level.


  • Debate
    The editors invite everyone to participate in debates about the conspiracy theories, both supporters, critics, and those merely interested in the subject. If something is unclear, just ask. The debating forum on Facebook, but the reader can also contact the editors here.


  • Referrals owns the copyright to all articles. Quoting and linking is encouraged, under Danish law, with proper credit given: Ophavsretsloven ยง3.


  • Keywords
    Each article has a number of keywords, so related articles are easy to find.

2. Repository is a one-stop place where everyone interested can find documentation about the terror attack on September 11th 2001.

The attack and the following disasters resulted in perhaps the biggest and most thorough investgations in modern times of a single event. A very large selection of public documents from these investigaions is available on The repository is constantly growing, as more and more documentation is made public. At the moment, more than 40,000 pages of reports, investigations and expert evaluations, more than 130,000 photos, 770 hours of video, 3,400 hours of audio, in all more than 3 TB of data.

The documentation can be located in the top menu, “Documentation”.